South Industries
Brand Refresh & Rim Decal Design

Images: Marzelle van der Merwe and Christopher Chase

South Industries are a highly skilled team of engineers who design, engineer and manufacture carbon fiber cycling wheels. The team at South Industries wanted to build the best product in the world and they still go by that motto every single day.  

They manufacture in South Africa, a country with deep aerospace expertise and skills. Their slogan, #handgemaak, is more than a relentless drive to create the finest carbon composite products. It is more than our obsessive in-house design and manufacturing process. It is authentic, it’s handmade. The podium is more than the top step. The journey is more than new trails. It is a search to find the limit, to explore, to conquer.

I was commisioned by South Industries to give the brand a refresh as well as redesign their wheel rim decals. The branding on their rims were not easily recognisable especially on their sponsored riders rims where high visibility is needed most. The team at South appreciate the less-is-more approach and that is exactly how we set out to tackle the project.

The brand is very well recognised and it was important to give the brand and the rim decal designs an update without moving too far away from their current design. The 'SOUTH' wordmark and 'S' icon was simplified and the letter spacing was addressed and the new rim decals are a nod to the original rim design while still resolving the visibility issue. We decided go back to the previous metallic silver used for the decals as we felt that the silver was the perfect colour for maintaining visibilty while still retaining the elegance these carbon fiber rims deserve and for the sponsored riders we decided to produce a set of chrome decals for maximum visibilty.

Lastly the slogan 'Handgemaak'' which is an important part of the brand assets was adjusted where there were some spacing and letter form issues.